BASF is the world’s leading chemical company, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF Digital Farming is a business unit within the Agricultural Solutions segment that has introduced a future-oriented digital portfolio to modern-day farmers.
A pioneer in the digital transformation of agriculture, BASF has joined forces with intive to creatively tackle the challenges in large- and small-scale farming with an ingenious and easy-to-use pocket solution.
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Feeding the world

The world’s population is continually growing, driving up global food demand. Addressing this challenge, BASF decided to help farmers all over the globe grow crops more efficiently and optimize the potential of their fields. Together with intive, BASF has created one of its signature digital products – the xarvio™ SCOUTING app, which revolutionizes modern agriculture.

Absolute innovation

xarvio™ SCOUTING app allows farmers to identify weeds, determine and count insects in yellow traps, recognize plant diseases, analyze leaf-damage and check nitrogen status – simply by taking a smartphone picture. Additionally, app users can benefit from the data gathered by other farmers, and find out in advance whether any plant diseases are emerging nearby.

AI-powered incredible tool

The uniqueness of the xarvio™ SCOUTING app lies in its learning image recognition algorithms, developed by xarvio’s dev team. They enable instant object identification based on color, shape, morphology and other visible characteristics. intive made sure that all AI algorithms connect properly with the frontend data input and the backend actions, guaranteeing a smooth performance.  

Mobile expertise

intive’s frontend teams created intuitive iOS and Android applications that are easy-to-use and require no special devices or user knowledge. The teams leveraged Swift and Kotlin for state-of-the-art native apps. A strong mobile development portfolio helped with designing user-friendly interfaces that make the digital farming experience even more satisfying.

Anything is possible

The apps, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, are now receiving excellent industry and user reviews (4.5/5 in the App Store). With close to 500,000 downloads, the xarvio™ SCOUTING user base is growing by the minute across more than forty countries. intivers are now refining and improving the app, preparing new country-specific versions.

Creating xarvio™ SCOUTING was a huge challenge. At first, we didn’t believe that it would be possible to deliver a fully functional product in such a short time. It’s fair to say that we benefited greatly from our cooperation with intive.

Tobias Menne
BASF Head of Digital Farming

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